Varsity/JV Choir

We will be introducing the last song of the All State Picks – Sicut Cervus

Varsity Choir will be purchasing t-shirts from Classic Stitch – the students have designed the shirt themselves and it is really cute!

Please send $12 to pay for your child’s shirt- this is not a fundraiser – just what the shirt costs!

We will continue to work on the All State Selections – dividing into groups to practice and then convening to attempt to put all parts together.

Emphasis this Week on Vidi Aquam, She Walks in Beauty

Continue vocal warm- ups and diction practice – Slogan for the week: “articulate with the tip of the tongue and the lips and the mouth, and the teeth.


Middle School Choir August 24-28

Middle School August 24

Review directing in 3/4, 4/4 time

Continue Solfege each day

Finish My America

Complete African Song

Challenge  Music Alone Shall Live in 3 part cannon

Review terminology cannon, ritard, accelerando, poco

New:  Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

New:  An American Folk Song Spectacular!



MS CHOIR August 17-21 Grades 6/7/8

Middle school Choir is off to a great start.

Remember your first grade will be a supply check .  You need 3 ring black binder with a pencil pouch.  Inside the pouch, please have your highlighter, and 2 pencils.   Each day after Monday is a 10 point deduction in your first grade.

Plans for this week

Continue Pitch Study – emphasis on Do, Re, Mi, So

Review directing in 3/4 time and meaning of 3/4 time signature

Introduce 4/4 time signature.  Learn how to direct

Continue on My America – add second section

New Songs to Introduce

Music Alone Shall Live

If time permits Singabahambayo

Varsity/JV Choir August 17-21

What a great first week!  I have the most talented singers.  Thanks for your awesome effort.  I can’t wait until we can sing together with full voices.

Remember you must have your supplies by Monday to still get an A – 10 point deduction every day beginning Monday


Introduce the last song of the All Region songs -Shout!

Listen to the other 3 selections

Begin intense work on Vidi Aquam – listen to parts and pronunciations

Familiarize students with She Walks in Beauty – begin parts!*. See attached below youtube link!



Work on sight reading Sol-feg review – if time play rhythm game for fun

Lesson Plans for

SUPPLIES;  Reminder!  Please bring a black  3 ring notebook for class.  I would love for you to leave it here, but if you need to share with another class, you may do so.  It will be your responsibility to bring notebook each day if you choose to take it from choir room.  Also, you will need a pencil pouch with two #2 pencils and a highlighter.

Middle school 6/7/8

Classroom guidelines  Expectations/Consequences

Getting to Know You

Musically Me

Favorite Five


JV/Varsity Choir



  •  Get to know everyone!  Find out who sings Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass
  • Sing various warm – ups and “The Star Spangled Banner!”
  • Find out who is auditioning for All-Region and encourage EVERYONE to audition.
  • Send home information papers


  • Continue to get to know everyone!
  • Talk about our “Support System.”
  •  brainstorm examples of supportive and non-supportive examples. Students will share  examples with the class.
  • Share Expectations and Steps for a Safe and Supportive environment.
  • Begin with Breathing exercises and Breath control practice
  • Sing “Star Spangled Banner” Work on parts


Classroom guidelines  Expectations/Consequences

TEKS: 117.210 – (3) 1b. – Demonstrate detailed knowledge of tonal and rhythmic musical elements using standard terminology such as instrumentation, voicing, intervals, solfege, absolute note names, rhythmic values, and counting systems.