March 18-22 March 25-28


New Sightreading Concept

Introduce Altered pitches


Di, Ri Fi Si Li


Add chromatic scale

Solo and Ensemble work – ensembles perform Friday.  and Thursday.  Sign up sheet for solos. Spring Concert Work


Disney. Review Piano Skills. Choose new songs

7/8th and 6th

Disney Spectacular

Choose songs from Disney for Spring Concert

Sightreading Work continued

March 4 – 9


Monday – final practice for Concert and Sight Reading

Tuesday – Concert and Sight Reading in Mount Pleasant

Wednesday – Celebration Day

Thursday – Solo and Ensemble Work

Friday – Solo and ENsemble Work and choose final song for Spring Program


Last week of Piano

MOnday Guide Notes and Flashcards

Tuesday – To Plato Lab

Wednesday ADding the next note beside Guide Notes

Thursday – 2 new Songs

Friday – Student Choice

7/8 Grade

Sol Feg to lesson 18

Key of F. Key of G

Thursday – Solo Work

Friday High School Musical

6th Grade

Practice in Auditorium for Rock and Roll Forever!