October 31 – November 4


Meet at choir room 7:00  Saturday am.  Wear a White Oak shirt and jeans.    Remember we will change clothes there.  Bring a change of clothes.  Please read the note sent home for all details.  Concert at 5!

Happy Halloween

Monday – we will do Halloween songs/activities in all classes!!!

Tuesday -Friday

All Region members will be working on their songs and their next competition(high school)

6th Grade

6th Grade

Working on Snow Biz!!

We will complete solo and speaking part assignments!

Friday is Student’s Choice Music Day.  Remember to send your choices before lunch on Thursday

7th/8th Grade

We will be working on All Region Music and Christmas Muisc

Sub Varsity and Varsity

Memorizing Jersey Boys

Preparation for Senior Citizen Luncheon – November 18th!  Parents are invited to stand in the back and listen.  Citizens over 55 are all invited.  Call Julie Bodovsky at the main office to make a reservation.


October 24 – 31

6th Grade

Work on Show Biz

Students will be give opportunities for solos and speaking parts this week.

Fridays are your music days. Students must submit songs for approval before lunch on Thursday

7th and 8th Grade

Let There Be Peace on Earth/A Very Merry Christmas/O Come All Ye Faithful

Remember All Region Members.  We will have concert in Sulphur Springs on November 5. We will leave school around 7:20.  Bring black dress attire for concert.  You will come in school clothes and change.  Parents will attend concert and bring you home.  Guys will wear black pants and white dress shirt.   Letter to Follow

JV. Let There Be Peace on Earth. The Jersey Boys


Senior Citizen Luncheon November 18!   We will be performing and parents are invited to stand in the back and listen to the choir. It will be in the cafeteria

All Region is November 5.  We will leave at 7:20.  Parents will attend concert and bring students home.  Letter to follow  Varsity will wear formal choir attire to concert.  They will change at the venue in Sulphur Springs

Pre Area is December 2 in Pittsburg Texas. Students should be working daily in preparation for this concert.



October 18-21

Enjoy your Monday!

Congrats to all the Varsity Choir Member tried out for All Region Choir this past Saturday.


6th Grade

It’s a new 9 weeks.  Welcome to Choir.  We will be continuing to learn Sol-Feg, Sight Reading, Music Theory.

We will also start on a Christmas Musical Soon called North Pole Star.  Your child may need a binder .  They also will need a highlighter and pencil to keep in their binder so they can mark their music

7/8 Grade Choir

We will begin preparing for Christmas Concert

We will also continue sight reading and vocal skills.

*If your child made All Region Choir, remember the concert will be in  Sulphur Springs on November 5.  Girls will need to wear all black and boys will need black pants and white dress shirt.  We will ride the bus there that morning, but you will need to come to Sulphur Springs that evening and attend the concert and pick up your child.  You wouldn’t want to miss this!

Varsity Choir

We will be singing for the Senior Citizen Day Lunch in November.   We will be working on Jersey Boys as well as performing 2 or 3 of our All Region pieces.

We will also add Christmas music to our rehearsal schedule.

If your child made All Region Choir, remember the concert will be in  Sulphur Springs on November 5.  High School students will wear tuxes and formal dresses  We will ride the bus there that morning, but you will need to come to Sulphur Springs that evening and attend the concert and pick up your child.  You wouldn’t want to miss this performance.

The next round of competition is December 1.  Students will need to independently  prep for this.  There are private voice lessons available during class time.  Please let me know if you need more information.


October 10 -14

6th Grade

Our 9 weeks of Music is almost over.  Thank you for sharing your children with me.  It has been fun to get to know them.  We have learned about several composers and done a little 50’s medley.  To culminate our 9 weeks we will have a 50’s party and sing through the medley.   This should take about 10 – 15 minutes.  We will celebrate with coke floats afterwards.  Thanks so much for the parents who have volunteered to send ice cream, cups, spoons, napkins, cokes, etc.  You are AWESOME.Please feel free to come and watch your kiddos sing!  We will begin at 2:30 in the choir room(This is a little different than our normal time because of the pep rally going on that day)Do not feel any pressure to come.  I just wanted them to have a fun activity to finish out the reporting period.If you are coming, you are welcome to stay for the pep rally afterwards.  I do need just a couple of moms/dads that would help with serving the floats!Also, make sure the students are dressed in 50’s clothes.  They can choose to wear these all day or change right before class or after P.E. – whatever works best for them.  It will just need to be a fast change.  We will wear our 50’s clothes to the pep rally!Thank you so much for sharing your most prized possession!

This week we will be rehearsing and preparing

Finish our final composer study of the 9 weeks

Middle School – 7/8

Tryouts are Saturday – please read the entire letter posted on Google Classroom. Most importantly have your child here at 7:20 Saturday at the Choir Room

We will celebrate Monday, then move on to Christmas Music!

Varsity Choir

Tryouts for you are Saturday 7/15

We will leave from the school at 7:30. Students must be here at 7:20.  I will put a full letter in google classroom with all the details.  I will also post cuts there as soon as they are available.

This week will be intense focus on contest music.

Diction, dynamics, note values, musicality, etc.

Students should be practicing at least 15 minutes a night on these songs!


Review whole note half note, quarter note, eight notes.  Add dotted half note

Begin to learn lines and spaces of treble clef

Sight reading

Broadway Songs

50’s Songs