Week of August 21

This week, I will assess the singers, identify their voice type and establish a seating chart.

I will find out who wants to participate in the TMEA Region auditions.

We will review/learn ascending intervals in a Major scale for ear training and singing purposes.  Also how to recognize them on the staff.

Continue proper singing posture and body awareness.

SS daily to prepare for Regions.

Apply theory/rhythm/history as the music requires.

Learn music for both TMEA Region auditions and the Cabaret night.

August 17

Welcome to the Voices of the Roughnecks,

On the first day of classes, we will go over classroom policies and procedures.

Parents and students need to Sign Commitment Agreement and return on Friday.

Who are auditioning for TMEA area and regional choirs?

Worksheet p. 1-2 – Do their best, this is only to access what they know and don’t know.

Look up J. S. Bach and Frederic Handel – try to figure out why I have their posters on top of each other in the classroom

Look at the Beatle’s medley from mm. 235 to the end.  Discover what’s alike, what’s different and how they are different. Find things that you know and things that you don’t know.

Supplies needed for the class:

  • Black 1″ binder
  • Sharpened pencils
  • Pencil pouch for binder
  • Set of 5 tabs (music, sight singing, theory, history, misc)
  • Yellow highlighter (optional)

Concert attire:


  • Black character shoes (I can order them for you, if needed)
  • Pearl necklace and earrings*** (more information will be coming soon)


  • Black calf socks (no skin showing at the ankles)
  • Black dress shoes

Fittings for dresses and tuxes:

  • This will take place early in the semester to give them ample time for alterations.

Ms. H.


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