End of School – Important Dates

May 2 – 20

6th Grade Choir

“Compose Yourself”.

Wednesday May 11 3:00 Auditorium or Cafeteria (based on availability)

7th/8th Grade Choir

Concert May 9 6:00 p.m.  Wear Denim and choir t-shirt.  This is your final exam grade!

G Force Trip May 12 12 – 3!  Make sure money is paid by this Wednesday(May 4)!

Varsity Choir

Concert May 9 6:00 p.m. – seated in chairs. 6:30 Performance. Final Exam Grade!  Formal wear required.  No exceptions – even shoes!  Please plan ahead.

Butcher Shop after!

Friday, May 20. Six Flags Trip.   Meet at school at 7:45 a.m.!  Bring money for concessions and meals.

Home by 7!



April 18 -22


Happy Easter!
Please note the date change! Due to a retirement reception for Mrs. Jennings, high school principal, we were ask to change the date of our concert. I am so sorry. I know May is a busy time for everyone, but please bear with me and be flexible. The new date is May 9, a Monday hight. Usually, I ask that all middle school and high school students to attend both performances, but if your child has another event that night, please let me know, and I will understand and allow them to leave.

Middle School
We are working hard on polishing all of our songs and our Talent Day performances.
Concert attire is denim and choir t-shirt so please go ahead and find those shirts!
These students are sight reading in unison, two-part, and three-part harmony. They are doing so incredibly well

6th Grade
We are working diligently on “Compose Yourself” as well as preparing for our little fun talent display. I am pleasantly surprised by the incredible amount of talent in this group.
Our program will be May 11, at 3. Please come and enjoy. Some of the students are dressing up like composers. I can supply the tux jacket! Please have them wear all black underneath. We would love to have some white wigs to compliment the “look” so if you happen to have access to one of these please let me know.

April 11 – 15

White Oak Varsity Choir
Save the Date!
April 28 Spring Concert. Come listen to the middle school choir followed by the high school choir. We will be singing our concert songs from contest and a medley from West Side Story
Save the Date
Six Flags over Texas. May 19. We will leave at 8:00 that morning and be back by 10 that night. Let me know if you want to come with us!
Fund Raising Opportunity: Sucker Sales. To offset the cost of Six Flags, your students may sell suckers. They have a note with all the details!

Middle School. 7/8th grade
Save the Date
Concert April 28, Thursday 6:00. T
6th Grade
Save the Date. May 11. 6th grade Performance. 3:00
We are working on “Compose Yourself” a little mini musical which is teaching them about many of the classic composers. Your kids may come home singing a little Bach or Handel, but maybe with some “updated” lyrics.
They are also working on some group talent displays

April 4-8

White Oak Varsity Choir
Way to go Choir! I am so proud of these students. They made straight ones in sight reading. They were absolutely incredible. Their concert singing was awesome too. Mrs. Jennings has bragged and bragged on them and how amazing they sounded. What a great group of singers!
Next important date! April 28 Spring Concert. Come listen to the middle school choir followed by the high school choir. We will be singing our concert songs from contest and a medley from West Side Story

Middle School. 7/8th grade
Concert April 28, Thursday 6:00. This group is becoming pros at sight reading. They are such awesome learners. We are polishing a couple of classical pieces then onto some pop fun. The song, “We Don’t Talk about Bruno” will forever be etched in my mind thanks to these amazing kids. We are also working on songs for a little in=house talent show. Who knows where the nest American Idol will come from?

6th Grade
We are working on “Compose Yourself” a little mini musical which is teaching them about many of the classic composers. Your kids may come home singing a little Bach or Handel, but maybe with some “updated” lyrics.
They are also working on some group talent displays

March 28 – April 1

Varsity Choir
We will be leaving the school at 9:30 on Wednesday, March 30 for UIL Concert/Sightreading. I anticipate being home by 4:30-5. Band students know we will be picking them up in Gilmer on our way to Texarkana.
All students attending need to make sure they have all parts of their formal wear ready for contest. Students who are not in band will go to first period, then meet in choir room to change and load the bus.
The choir has been working so hard to do our best. Friday, they worked with Dr. Turner from Stephen F. Austin to polish their skills. He was very complimentary of our choir and I was so proud of them!

Middle School
7th/8th Grade
We are sight reading now in three parts. They are doing a great job and ready to take the next step in developing these skills. We also have 5 songs we are working on and preparing for Spring Concert.
On Fridays, they are working on songs of their choice as we prepare for an amazing Talent Show.

6th Grade
We just started a unit on different composers. It comes with a fun musical. Some of the composers included are Beethoven, Bach, Handel, and Brahms. They are also working on little numbers of their own in groups, pairs, or even solo. I can’t wait to see how their creativity develops as they prepare for a chance to perform.

March 21-25

Happy Spring Break!

6th Grade
The students did a great job on their musical, On the Radio. I am so proud of them. This last six weeks we will be having a lot of fun and also focus on getting ready for 7th/8th grade choir. We will be developing sight reading skills. We will also be prepping for a little end of year performance/talent show!

We will continue to polish and work on our songs including “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. We will also be during more sight reading and dividing up into groups for end of year talent show. We had a great time supporting our classmate at Artsview Theatre’s production of “Once Upon a Mattress”!

We have contest in Texarkana on March 30. We will leave school around 10 and should be back by 4 that afternoon. In preparation for this contest we will have a half-day workshop this week. I will give you all final details as soon as I have confirmation from our clinician. We will be wearing formal wear like a concert, so please secure all of your pieces now..
Band contest is also that day, and Mrs. Jennings will be helping get band students from Gladewater back to me so they can do both contests!
Our fundraiser will also start this week so please watch for details and a note!

March 7 – 11

Happy Week Before Spring Break!

Wednesday, March 9 we will taking another field trip to see “Once Upon a Mattress” presented by ARTSVIEW THEATRE in downtown Longview. Your student had the opportunity to bring a permission slip and attend this fun production starring one of our own White Oak thespians! We will eat at The Butcher Shop then travel to the theatre and return home about 9. I love getting to expose the students to these opportunities. Who knows who might be the next famous actor/singer out of White Oak Texas?!

6th Grade
This is the last week of their nine-week rotation. Students will be presenting “On the Radio” on Wednesday at 3:15.
A semi dress-rehearsal will happen the Tuesday before so please have all costuming in my room on Tuesday. Please put costumes on hangers and label both the hanger and the costume.
On Friday, they may bring a snack and a drink to enjoy during class as we celebrate our performance and the end of the grading period

7/8th grade
This group is coming on strong. We have added “We Don’t Talk About Bruno to our list of songs this week. This delighted most of the students, and some are in a deep depression – lol. It’s a fun song and so awesome to see their joy as they sing. They can switch from Italian to pop and then Broadway without missing a beat.

We are blessed to have Dr. Mary Heiden come Monday to listen to our choir and encourage us as we prepare for UIL contest. She will also talk about Kilgore College and scholarship opportunities. Many of our students are involved in multiple activities during the spring semester so we are juggling a great deal and the students are doing it well.
Contest will be March 30 in Texarkana. This is an all day event and I will give you more details as I obtain them
This choir is starting to really gel and encourage each other to be the best they can be. I am so proud of them.

February 28 – March 4

Congratulation to these middle school students who competed at Solo Competition last week. They were amazing! The judge was so complimentary. I am so proud of these students.

Gold Medal/Superior Rating
Andrew Rector
Couri Willeby
Kinzlee Clower
Addisen Morris
Jacie Farmer
Lexi Morris
Brylie Stone
Mykey Feldhauser
Julia Lawrence
Nathan Watson
Kara Kennedy
Hayden Hunter

Silver Medal/Excellent
Cameron Vail
Magdalena Rivera
Bryce New
Zoey Ferry
Bryanna Ward
Ava Still
Megan Brondum
Ty Kunkel
Lily Larison
Jaiden Johnson

High School and Middle School also enjoyed a trip to Footloose in Marshall last week. Next week, March 9, we are invited to see Artsview’s production of “Once Upon a Mattress”. You should have permission slips to fill out and return.

Middle School is working on “Million Dreams”, “Cups”, “Panis Angelicus”, “Sing Forever to the Lord”

High School is working hard getting ready for Contest. Contest will be March 30 in Texarkana at Texas High. We are preparing three songs as well as practicing for sight reading.

We will have Dr. Mary Haiden from Kilgore College come next week to visit with our high school students. She will be speaking about college scholarships and listening and critiquing our contest songs.

It’s a busy time for choir, but will be so worth it when you hear them!!

February 21-25

7th/8th/High School

We have the opportunity to go see Footloose in Marshall Wednesday, February 23.  We will meet at 5 in the choir room and load the bus and head to the Marshall Civic Center to watch East Texas Baptist University present this fun musical.  We will make a quick stop on the way to get food(some of the students will be coming straight from track). Please make sure your child has money if they want to eat.

If you have not already sent back the permission slip, I need it asap.  Parents are invited.  I just need a headcount by February 18, Friday.  (also 6th grade siblings if they are in choir currently – please contact me)

We should be back by 10 p.m., but will keep you posted about our arrival time.

7th and 8th grade students 

These students participated in Solo Contest Friday, February 18.  I will post results as soon as possible.  I am so proud of how they have worked on these solos.  Our judge, Mrs. Watson, is a classically trained opera singer who has performed all over the United States.  She leads worship at her church, and also gives private voice lessons.  We are so thankful for her presence and contributions to the White Oak Choir program!

Varsity Choir

Varsity Choir is preparing for our next contest that will be March 30 at Texas High School in Texarkana.  They will be judged on sight reading and a concert performance.  Stay tuned for information about this trip!


6th Grade Choir

Our last day of this nine weeks is March 11.  We will close out the nine weeks with a little mini performance. Our tentative date for this is March 10 at 3:15 p.m. in the auditorium. You will be getting a note about this with a confirmed date next week.

The following 9 weeks will be an honors type choir with students who look to add choir to their middle school schedule for the following year.  There is so much talent in this grade.  I hope many choose to continue their musical endeavors in choir!


Greetings.  What a nice little break we had.  Time to catch up!


Aleighna Tuttle

David Watson

Valerie DeLeon

Matthew Warrens

Maleigh Feldhauser

What a great accomplishment

This week I will be in San Antonio for TMEA.  The students will get a well-needed break and will enjoy an easy week.

February 14-18

6th Grade will continue to polish On the Radio.  Mark your calendars for the week of March 1st for performance week!

Middle School will have an in house solo contest next week, so remember to practice for this competition

Varsity will be prepping for spring concert and Competition on March 30 in Texarkana

It’s going to get very busy!  HOLD ON!!!