January 22-26


Intensive Choir work on Solos

Each student must perform by end of the week. Sign up for a time

SATB Sightreading

Begin work on contest songs


Continue Skills

Choose Solos

Work on Rock and Roll for fun


Elijah Rock-

Amnerica the Beautiful.

Shalom Aleichem by goldfabb Jewish song

Continue High School Musical

Sightreading daily

Rest of class needs to choose solos

6th Grade

Rock and Roll Forever

Sol Feg

January 15-19


SATB Sightreading

Solo Work for Contest


Skill Work

Rock and Roll Songs for fun

6th Grade

Rock and Roll Forever – 1st 2 songs

7/8 Grade Choir

High School Musical

2 -5 students choose songs for solo – listen to choices together

January 8 – 12

JV Choir

Unit 2. Rhythm

Lesson 1 Rests. Whole Note Half note Quarter note Eighth note

Lesson 2 Whole rests and Half Rests

Lesson 3 Quarter rest and Eighth Rests

Lesson 4 Barlines and Measures

Choose songs for the 9 weeks

Varsity Choir

Submit all songs for solo/ensemble to PML website

Determine ensembles and choose songs

Each day this week will be a grade for staying on task -uses time wisely, and accomplishments

Middle School

7/8 Grade

Elijah Rock- discuss what a spirtual is “biblical themes – slavery etc

Talk about key signatures – discuss minor

Sing through whole song  adding articulation dybamics

2nd day add Amnerica the Beautiful.   Work in unison this week. Goal is to have memorized by the end of the week

Talk about legato

3rd song Shalom Aleichem by goldfabb Jewish song

Friday – assign and work on solos for judging

Have a game of the week Thursday

6th Grade

Day 1 – Introduction and Class Procedures/Supplies

Day 2 /3Watch Broadway BEat

Day 4 Songs of Choice!