October 2 – 6

Varsity Choir

White Oak Varsity Choir took 16 students to Sulphur Springs to audition for All Region Choir on Saturday September 23.

They competed against 8 schools in this area and came out on top.   Many of the schools were 4A so much larger programs than we have here at White Oak
White Oak tied with Texarkana Liberty Eyleau(4A) to have the most students advance. for a total of 12
Sopranos advancing were. Lexi Morris #2, Claira Burkett #3, Brylie Stone #12 and Kinzlee Clower 1st Alternate
Altos were Layla HIdalgo #3, Addi Morris#5, and Kenna Stewart #8
Tenors:  Matthew Warrens #1, Jack Allen #3,
Bass:  David Watson #3, Nathan Watson #4, Daniel Spence #12
White Oak students were complimented on their talent and behavior.
I am so proud of their hard work and accomplishments.
The 12 students will be part of an All Region Clinic and Concert on November 4 in Mount Pleasant and will advance to the Pre Area Auditions  held on November 11
*Important Dates
October 11 College Choirs Field Trip at Marshall
November 4 Clinic and Concert – all day Mount Pleasant
November 11 Pre Area Auditions
November 17 Senior Citizen Luncheon
December 12 Christmas Concert
This week
Abba Forever
Sightreading Week 5
The Lord Bless You and Keep You
Begin Christmas Songs
Choose one Pre Area Song to learn as a Choir
Continue Recorder Skills
Abba Forever
Important Dates*. October 11 College Field Trip to Marshall
7/8 Grade Choir
Review Musica Dei
Finish learning This is Your Time
New Songs in the Night
Each day work on All Region Music for 15-20 minutes then on to Christmas
Last Christmas
Christmas on Broadway
6th Grade Choir
Continue Recorder skills Add note D
Monday Aura Lee  Sounds of Autumn
Tuesday Pop Goes the Weasel The Farmer in the Dell
Wednesday Andante When the Saints Go Maarching in
Thursday Starlight Row Row Row Your BOat
Friday Songs of Choice
Each day – 20 minutes of music theory and recorder skills then work on Holiday Road and disney Spectacular

September 26 -October 1

No School on Friday!

6th Grader

Continue Recorder Skills

Review new note C.  Review new note D

Monday  The Escalator

Jelly in the Bowl

Tuesday Lightly Row Jingle Bells

Wednesday Aura Lee, Sounds of Autumn Pop Goes the Weasel, The Farmer in the Dell

Thursday Catch up and Songs of Choice

Disney Spectacular

Review. I’ve Got No Strings, Bippidy Boppity Boo,  Add all Mary Poppins.

If J.W.Pepper order comes in , begin Christmas Songs

7/8 Grade

Soprano Alto All Region Songs

Monday Songs in the Night/Anything

Tuesday Musica Dei/Hold On

Wednesday Song of Myself/This is Your Time

Thursday Student Choice of which All Region Song to work

Friday. Christmas Music Dance Evolution

Every day:  Sight reading skills, Sol Feg, Warm up Soprano and Alto Warm up in Sol Feg – independently then together

JV Choir

Recorder Songs – Review C and D  Songs:  The Escalotor, LIghtly Row, Jingle Bells, Aura Lee, Sounds of Autumn, Pop! Goes the Weasel, The Farmer in the Dell, Andante, When the Saints, and Starlight, Starbright

Review all Note Values

Abba Forever,  Choose Christmas Songs

Varsity Choir

Celebrate All Region Qualifiers

Introduce Pre Area Songs – choose one to learn as a choir!  Give students 10 – 15 minutes to practice on these songs

Begin I love Rock and Roll for Senior Citizen performance and  The Lord Bless You and Keep You

If time, start Christmas Songs



September 18-22

6th Grade

Recorder. Review – measure, bar line, quarter, half, eighth, dotted half,

Review. BAG

Introduce the New Note C

Disney Spectacular

Friday – Fun Songs


Monday Songs in the Night/Anything

Tuesday Musica Dei/Hold On

Wednesday Song of Myself/This is Your Time

Thursday Student Choice of which All Region Song to work

Friday. Christmas Music Dance Evolution

Every day:  Sight reading skills, Sol Feg, Warm up


Abba Forever

Recorder Skills


This is the week!   Saturday, September 23 is All Region. Please check Parent/Student Square for contest information

We will work intensely on All Region Songs this week and prep for auditions

September 11 -15

6th Grade Choir

Vocal Pieces:  Unison Songs.  Alma Mater

Sol Feg. Continue do re mi fa so la ti do

Know terms:  chord, 2nd, 3rd, 4th , 5th 6th.

Recorder Skills  Continue BAG. Review quarter, eight, half whole

Monday All Aboard. Tuesday Down at the StationWednesday. Long-Legged Sailor. Thursday Old MacDonald and Bullet Train

If time, introduce note C !  p. 11. Playing the Note C. Juba

Friday:  Songs of Student’s Choice. Fun Day

7/8th Grade


Basic Sightreading.

Monday  Hold ON

Tuesday Songs in the Night

Wednesday: Song of Myself

Thursday :Anything

Friday:  Christmas Song! and Student Choice

JV Choir

Continue Skill Lessons

Monday Quarter Rest  Eighth Rest

Tuesday Barlines and measures

Wednesday Beats

Thursday Time Signature

Songs for the Week:  Hold On Anything, Song of Myself. Listen and Choose favorites to practice

Varsity:  Intense work on all 3 All Region Songs. Friday practice with Peter Cunningham from Kilgore College

Sightreading Week 4   Goal:  To be able to record songs by Thursday

Upcoming All Region September 23

September 4 -8


6th Grade

Continue sol feg

Identify 2nds (steps) 3rds(skips) and challenge 6th (My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

Review Treble clef lines and spaces, also half notes and rests, quarter notes and rests

New whole rests, dotted half notes

Recorder Express

Review p. 7 Triple Meter, Wacky Waltz, The Frog, Good News

New:  Eight Note Encounter, Lucy Locket Hop Old Squirrel, Marys Busy Lamb

Through whole group, small group and individual performance, check to make sure all students know bag

Culminating songs. All Aboard and Down at the Station. Record on phones and send to Mrs. Stone for evaluation!

Fun Closure. Long-Legged Sailor and Old MacDonald

If time start new note C!  Learn fingering

Go on to p. ll  Playing the NOte C, Juba, Triple Meter Trip and Humpty Dumpty

Friday Fun Day  Send in your songs to [email protected]

Vocal Songs.  Alma Mater, Star Spangled Banner, and one pop song – choirs choice!

7/8th Grade

Continue introduction to sight reading

Practice sol-feg. Begin to be confident on 2nds, 3rds, 4ths.  Introduce 5ths 6ths

Sight Reading for Soprano/Alto

Lesson 5. Do Soprano and Alto separate, then together

Rhythm for the day quarter half hole. drmf , ltd

Wednesday Lesson 6. Rhythm. quarter half dotted half whole

Thursday Lesson 6 Revew

All Days 5-10 minutes on Christmas on Broadway -It’s Beginning to Look alot Like Christmas, Pine Cones and Holly Berries, Toyland

Tuesday Anything TB.

Wednesday. This is Your Time SSA

Thursday. Musica Dei

Friday Dance Evolution and Christmas on Broadway


Prepping for Saturday Clinic

Tuesday – Sightreading Day 1 and 2


confirm all registration for All Region Auditions

Wednesday Sightreading Day 3 and 4

I’ll Be On My Way


Sightreading Day 5

O Schone Nacht


All 3 All Region Songs