February 6 – 10 February 13-17

Varsity Choir

Congratulations to those who competed in Solo and Ensemble Contests Friday.

If students made a 1 on a Division 1 solo, they will advance to the state level.  This contest is in San Marcos.  We will leave Sunday May 28 and return Tuesday May 30th tentatively.  Go ahead and put these dates on your calendar

Also, please add April 4 to your calendar.  It will be “A Night of the Arts”.  Choir, Band, Theatre, and Visual Arts will combine resources to host a wonderful night of great memories.  We will be performing so save this date!

In class, continued work on Ave Maria

Besame Mucho

Keep Your Light

Sight Reading Week 13

Friday will be Movie Day if we have made the progress necessary!

Varsity Choir has opted to make Valentine Boxes.  Bring your box by the 10th and we will have a party on the 14th!  We will have a sign up sheet for food and games!


Joshuas Battle

A Million Dreams

Friday will be Movie Day if appropriate behavior

This week I will be attending TMEA conference in San Antonio so Wednesday and Thursday there will be assignments in google classroom


Joshuas Battle

The Greatest Showman


Painless Opera

There will be assignments in Google Classroom for the days I am gone to TMEA

Work on Solos.  We will have a judge coming mid February to evaluate your solo so make sure you are prepared

6th Grade

Schoolhouse Rock

Google Classroom Assignments for the days I am at TMEA