Week of November 20-27, December 4-8 December 11-15

All Choirs wil be working intently on Christmas Performance

Dates to Know

December 12 6:00 7/8 Grade and Varsity Choir Performance in the auditorium

Students will need to be here at 5:40. Middle School will meet in the Choir Room

High School will meet in designated area in auditorium

This will be a MAJOR semester grade.  All students are required to attend  the entire concert(both choirs) Points will be deducted for lack of punctuality, appropriate dress, and concert behavior.

Varsity will go out to eat after the concert.  The social chairman will plan this outing

December 13 Dr. Harrison will work with State Competitors

December 14. 6th Grade Performance in Cafeteria

December 15. Varsity Choir performs at Longview Regional and Austin Bank  We will leave the school at 9 and travel to Longview Regional to sing, then advance to Austin Bank and finish the morning with lunch.  We should be back at the school at 12.


November 13-17

Important Dates for Varsity Choir

November 14 Pre Area Audition Mount Pleasant
November 17. Senior Citizen Luncheon
December 12 Christmas Concert

Varsity Choir

Sightreading Week 11

Intense work for Senior Citizen Luncheon

Pre Area students will be gone Tuesday November 14. Substitute

Students here will work on Veni and White Winter Hymnal

Christmas Songs when not working on Senior Performance

JV Choir

Skills: 1:  Beats 2.  Lesson 6 Time Signature. Lesson 7 Dots

Tuesday; Sub Plans


Christmas Songs


7/8th Grade Choir

December 12 Christmas Concert

Let There Be Peace on Earth

Christmas on Broadway

Last Christmas

6th Grade Choir

Holiday Road Trip

Work with individual scenes for memorization

The Road Home

Monday Scene one and two

Christmas in California

Tuesday Scene three and four

City Lights

Wednesday Scene five and six

Jingle Bell Boogie

Thursday scene seven

Holiday Street Party

Fridays – Students  Choice. any scene not memorized


November 6-10

Important Dates for Varsity Choir

November 10 Kilgore College comes to White Oak to work with Pre Area
November 14 Pre Area Audition Mount Pleasant
November 17. Senior Citizen Luncheon
December 12 Christmas Concert

Monday – There will be a sub. President and VP will lead rehearsal

Sightreading this week Week 10 Days one through 5

Prep for Senior Citizen Luncheon and Christmas Concert

Pre Area will have Friday to work on competition Songs

Sub plans will be detailed and will involve composer study for 6/7/8 and JV

Songs covered this week:  ABBA FOREVER, Veni, The Lord Bless, Winter Weather, I’ll Be On My Way

JV Choir


Songs Covered This Week :  Hallelujah Begin Christmas Songbook with Student Choices

7/8th Grade Songs

Last Christmas