March 27-31 April 3-6

Varsity Choir

Wednesday, March 29 -We will leave White Oak School at 10:15 to travel to Texarkana for Sight Reading and Concert contest.

We should be back by four  I will keep you posted on times

April 4. All Fine Arts will be performing for White Oak’s First Fine Arts Show Day. All required to be here.  Plan on about 5:30 – I will keep you posted with details

Concert April 27

We will be performing our concert songs and The Greatest Showman for the Fine Arts Show

State-bound soloists should be practicing one hour(plus) each week.  This is a commitment you are making if you choose to go on this trip

7/8th Grade Choir

Concert April 27i

We will continue working on songs for concert

We are also have a contest for students to have a change to perform at the concert!

6th Grade


Tentative Performance Date March 12!  2:45

Be thinking about costumes for your part!!!

February 27 – March 3, March 6 – March 10

Varsity Choir

Preparation for Concert/Sightreading. March 29. Texas High School

*Extended Practice will be March 24 with Mrs. Clark from Kilgore College

*Reminder State Solo Ensemble is May 28-30 .  We will be traveling to San Marcos. I will need a firm commitment by April 5

This commitment will also involve one hour of  documented practice per week on your music outside of class.

JV – Shenendoah. Oh Danny Boy Gloria in Excelsis

Continued Sight Reading

Middle School Choir

Solo Competition is March 2

Remember to wear appropriate clothing and have your solo completely prepared

Friday March 3 we will celebrate our performances

6th Grade

Our 9 weeks is wrapping up.  I should have a firm commitment from you on next 9 weeks

We will perform SchoolHouse Rock on Friday March 3 in the cafeteria at 3:10. Parents/family are invited.

This is just a casual performance of what we have learned over the last few weeks.

We have almost made it to Spring Break

Hang in there!