September 28-October 2

Varsity Choir

Sicut Cervus – continue to work individual parts – Goal: a cappella by Friday!

Shout Glory – introduction!

If time work on She Walks in Beauty 

Intense practice for All Region try-outs

All Region commitment is due!   The school will pay for your entry, but you must reimburse if you do not follow through with commitment.

Middle School

Continue to work on The Star Spangled Banner

Dona Nobis Pacem -go over pronunciation

Dance of the One Legged Sailor

Shine on Me

Remember the last 15 minutes of class on Fridays belong to the students!  Your song choice.   Songs must be sent  to my email by noon on the preceding Thursday so I can preview – please make sure they are appropriate or I will not be able to play them


September 21-25 High School

Performance Ready Sicut and Vidi Aquam – continue to polish

T-shirt money – passed due!!!! $12 and order form!

In the Hall of the Mountain King – work on body percussion

Sight Reading – reading in the bass clef – review line and space note names

The SolFeg song – add all three parts!

Middle School Singers. September 14-18

7th/8th Grade Choir

T-shirt money due Friday

Focus on Make a Song For My Heart to Sing

Gloria Alleluia

Continue sight reading and sol feg practice!


6th Grade

New songs – Pick a Bales of Cotton

Oh How Lovely is the Evening – after the song is learned, begin the round

Discuss Major/Minor – listen to examples of both

Listen to “I Got a Letter”

Sing Sometimes I feel Like a motherless Child – distinguish minor sound

Wayfaring Stranger – minor sound


Review Charlotte Town

Do Lord