January 23-27

Varsity Choir

Solo/Ensemble – February 3rd!  You should be practicing 30 minutes per day on your song to make sure you are ready

In class:

Time for solo and ensemble if possible

Week 11 Sightreading

Besame Much and Ave Maria acapella

Narrow down contest songs and prepare for contest on March

JV Choir

Work on Sol Feg and Rhythms

Sing Daniel and The Greatest Showman

7/8th Grade Choir

Work on all songs

Finish Rhythm sheets

Friday – solo day!

6th Grade

School House Rock

Review Sol Feg Sheets

Friday – Songs of your Choice


January 17-20,

Substitute Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  January 17, 18, 19 2023

Pastor Jones




9:40 – 10:25 3rd period Varsity

10:30 – 11:15 4th period JV

11:15  11:45 Music Memory


12:28 -1:16  7/8th grade

1:20 – 2:06  7/8th grade


3:00=3:45 6th Grade



Aleighna will take roll  She will take the paper copies to Mrs. Craig Carley will do phone check


First, David will lead in the warm up.  Section leaders will lead their sections in sight reading

Jack will pull up Besame Mucho and Ave Maria

They will sing through Besame Mucho 2 times

They will also sing through ave Maria 2 times

Goal is to have last 20 minutes to work on solos and ensembles

Then, They have solos to work on

I don’t let them have their phones   They can pull the songs up on their chrome books

You may let a couple work in my office

The quartet also needs to work at least 15 minutes on their song(David, Lexi, Mykey, and Jack)

Some in folder room and  some in closet,  some in practice rooms 


These students may go into cafeteria and work – Mykey, David, Carley, Lexi, Julia 

If there are any issues, I have two packets they can work on.  Don’t hesitate to assign them – once is a rhythm pattern and one is a sol feg packet.  If they lose their privilege to work on solo, please assign them the packets and keep them in a chair in the choir room with a pencil and working.

If they still have time, they may copy the words to their solo onto white paper or notebook paper.


Junior Varsity

Chloe can take attendance and turn it in to office each day  Chloe is like a student aide for you so she can do anything you need her to do like if you need more copies or need her to sit by someone and help them

Layla and Meagan are only in JV because of schedule conflict – they will work on their own.  Please make sure they are working in practice rooms

Mrs. Watson may come one day during this time to give a lesson

First they will sing through The Greatest Showman two times,  Chloe can pull it up on the computer.  Meagan and Layla will work on their solos each day.

  They can sing through 3 or 4 times   They can choose to sing  then they will work on packets

I don’t care if they work together if they are truly working

They can also sing Joshua’s Battle   Chloe will know how to pull it up – they can sing this songs through two or three times each 

Pass out their packets each day and have them work on their rhythm packets.  Ty is really good at it and can help if you need help

*Meagan Layla and Chloe


11:15 – 11:45

Middle School Music Memory – they can probably just work in groups of 2 or 3 or Kinzlee can play songs for them  You will have about 5-7 students

Remind them that contest is coming up in a week, so they really need to work hard

Addie can help with questions


7th and 8th Grade

5th period

Each day:

Kinzlee will take attendance, then she and another student may go turn in paper to office

They will sing  Joshua’s Battle 3 times

Then they will sing  Hallelujah from Shrek 2-3 times

They can also sing Harmony 2 times

Painless Opera

5th period Gracelyn will know how to pull this up on my computer

Then they will work on Rhythm packet

They need to work on this 15 minutes by themselves and then if they are doing a great job quietly they may work in pairs

  • Aleah, Jacklyn, Allison, and Kinlee need to go in my office and work the first 20 minutes on music memory


6th period

Bryce Smiddy is my aide for the next two periods

He will take Cole, Logan  and Jacie to work on music memory.  

Activities same as 5th period

Same as before Jacie/Addie/Claira are your people   Addie can take roll

Jacie and Addie will take to the office

Claira will pull up songs  Painless Opera, Hallelujah, Harmony and Joshuas Battle

Then this will be just like 5th period – same assignments

January 3-6, January 9-13

Welcome Back!  Happy New Year

Varsity Choir

Select solos and determine competition

Begin work on Concert and Sight Reading for  Contest

*February 3 is solo and ensemble in Mount Pleasant

Review and testing on Key Signatures

The Greatest Showman

JV Choir

The Greatest Showman

Middle 7/8

New Song:  Harmony – solo designation

Sightreading  and Rounds

Solo and Ensemble prep for in house competition

6th Grade

Schoolhouse Rock

If you don’t have a highlighter and pencil in your Choir Notebook, make sure you have this by Monday!