November 1-5




October 27,2021


Dear Parents:


Congratulations once again on your child making the All-Region Choir.  This is such a big accomplishment.  Many many students attempt this, so you can be so proud of this feat.  


I want to share with you all the information I have received.


We will leave White Oak at 8:00 to drive to Gladewater.  The bus will drop us off.  Your student will ride home with you that night after the concert.  The concert starts at 5 with middle school singing first.  The concert should be over around 6:30


“Gladewater High School is thrilled to be hosting this year’s All-Region Clinic/Concert on November 6.  The address for the school is 2201 W. Gay Ave. in Gladewater.  After registration, students will immediately go to their assigned areas.  Lunches for students and teachers will be provided by the GHS Choir Boosters for $8.  Tickets can be purchased at registration.  You may pay with cash or a school check.  This meal includes hamburgers, chips, a cookie, and a drink.”

*WHITE OAK ISD WILL PAY FOR YOUR CHILD’S LUNCH !  I just want to let you know the menu etc.


The students are to wear choir t-shirts and jeans for the clinic and they will change into their formal attire for the 

concert.  High school students should wear their choir formal uniforms and middle school students should wear black dress attire for the concert.  Choices must be compatible with dress code.


There is a “Code of Conduct ” form that must be completed – signed by parent and student and returned to me 

before the workshop.  I will post this on google classroom and the students will be bringing home a copy as well.


The students will receive their patches at the end of the concert.  Students are required to stay for the entire concert.


Phones are permitted at the workshop, but they cannot be on them at all during rehearsal.


High School students, remember the next round is December 2.  This is not far away.  Just reminding you that private lessons are being offered to help you prep  even more efficiently.  The competition will get tougher and tougher!!!  These lessons will help you in the competition, but more importantly help you use your gifts and talents with greater results. *Please feel free to contact me for any information on this.


Since this is not a competition, I will be able to communicate with you during the day if the need arises.  I will be working in some capacity there at the workshop, but you are welcome to text me if you need to relay information.  (9037382680)


Please let me know if you will not be attending the concert and I need to take your child back to White Oak.


Thanks for all you do to make these singers such successful and a joy to work with.


With a song,


Michelle Stone



We will continue to work on Christmas songs and sight reading.  We are also spending half of our classtime most days on Region songs that will be included in our Christmas concert.


We are also working on Christmas songs and preparing for Christmas Concert.  If you haven’t already purchased a t-shirt, please do so as soon as possible.  We will be wearing these for the Christmas Concert


We are working on a little mini musical.  Your children are receiving parts to start memorizing.  We will talk about costuming soon!

Blessings on you!!




October 25-29





Soprano Mireya Mejia, Aleighna Tuttle

Altos:  Lauryn Odoms, Kenna Stewart, Maleigh Feldhauser

Tenors:  jack Allen, Layla Hidalgo, Rafale Jaimes-Ascencio

Bass:  David Watson, Matthew Warrens

*Workshop and Concert will be Saturday November  in Gladewater.  These students should be putting a minimum of 10 minutes daily into this competition to be prepared for the next round, the first week of December!

High School is focusing on sight-reading and Christmas Songs

We are also polishing a few songs we began learning as a part of all region try outs.  We will be sharing these at the Christmas Concert as well!

Middle School


The middle school students did so well at All-Region .  I couldn’t be more proud of them.  They represented White Oak in an incredible way.

Middle School All Region

Soprano1 :  Lexi Morris, Brylie Stone, Lilly Larison, Kinzlee Clower

Soprano 2:  Mykey Feldhauser, Kara Kennedy

Alto:  Addison Morris, Jaci Farmer

Bass:  Nathan Watson

All Region Workshop/Concert will be November 6!

*If you haven’t purchased your choir t-shirt, please do so.  $15 cash or Venmo to Michelle-Stone-8.  We will wear t-shirts for Christmas Concert/Spring Concert, Workshops, and Field Trip!

7/8 are working on Christmas songs and polishing our All Region Songs to share at December 13 concert.

6th Grade Choir

Remember to bring your binder/ pencil pouch/ highlighter/pencils for choir or you can purchase used ones for $1 each – $2 gets you all you need – as long as they last!

We will be doing a mini musical for parents on December 13.  Students can be thinking now if they want speaking lines singing solos, or just to be part of the chorus.  More information including costuming will be coming!





middle school t-shirt form/letter

Oct 19, 2021


Dear Parents,


We will be ordering choir t-shirts for middle school students.  Eighth grade students may use their shirts from last year.  The new shirts we are ordering will not have a date on them so you can use them for two years if you are a 7th grader!

Please send $15 to school – cash or check made out to Classid Stitch.  You can also Venmo me at michelle-stone-8 and I will get money to Classic Stitch.

If you want your shirt by November 5, I need money by Friday, Oct 22, 2021  If you are not in a rush(not all-region), you may send money by Oct 29, 2021

We will wear these for the Christmas Concert as well on December 13. Please mark your calendars.  We will also wear it for the field trip we hope to take in the Spring and Spring Concert!


Thanks so much to the best parents of the most talented students


Adult Sizes


 Small __________










 Money enclosed $15




Check to Classic Stitch_____



All Region

All Region Information

Date:  November 6. I do not know yet what time we will leave

Location:  Gladewater High School

Wear:  High School – White Oak Choir t-shirts, Middle School – White Oak Shirt to workshop. Formal wear for that night.  High School will wear their choir performance wear. Middle School they ask that you wear black but I think any dark colored dress is fine.  Short or long.  Guys dark slacks and white dress shirt.

Concert:  5:00 that evening

Available for Purchase:  plaques, t-shirts and DVD’s

Bus:  We will take the bus, but you will ride home with your parents.

Money:  For lunch – they will eat on campus.

I have not received any other information yet, but I want to give you everything I have so you can plan accordingly

October 18-22


We began Christmas Songs – the choir loves the Pentatonix versions so several of those will be in our repertoire Sight reading each day in preparation for Pre Area and Spring Contest.

There will be a Choir Halloween Party for Varsity Choir – date is still pending.  Many of the students have signed up to bring things.  Please make sure you follow through if you have committed

Christmas Concert will be early December – we are waiting on date approval.  The students are sounding great!

All Region Concert will be November 6!  Those who have advanced will need to plan on an all day workshop followed by an incredible concert.  This will be in Gladewater!

Dresses and tuxes will be coming home soon.  Please take care of these.  The school has purchased these as a service to our students, but students are responsible for keeping them in proper condition.  These will be turned in at the end of the year with a cleaning fee. (If you feel the need to dry clean during the year, please do so.)

Have a great Monday off!

Middle School


These students participated in All Region Tryouts Saturday.  They have worked so hard and are such a gifted group.  I cant wait to see results.  I am so proud of them.

*Details about Saturday.  We are meeting at the choir room at 7 and traveling to Sulphur Springs.  The students can wear normal school attire – not shorts(I think it will be too cold anyway).  They may bring money for concessions and for food afterwards.  Each student will receive $8 on the way home.  They want to stop at CFA  They may bring blankets for the bus ride.  They may also bring cards/games to play while waiting for their audition time.  Cell phones are not allowed in the building. I will be judging so if you need to contact someone, Jennifer Farmer has graciously agreed to be our chaperone. If there is a need for you to contact her her number is 9037361574.  She will be with the kiddos.  I will be judging.

When we return on Tuesday, we will celebrate then start Christmas Music.  Concert will be early December!


6th Grade

Welcome to the new group of 6th graders.  Students will need a binder, pencil pouch, and highlighter/pencils to mark music.  This does not need to be new.  I also have used ones in my room that they may purchase for $1 each.  These will be first come/first served.

I am so excited to welcome this new group.  We will be working on a mini Christmas musical to perform before the high school concert as well as learning basic music fundamentals.  I am so glad to have this group of i6th graders!


October 11-15


I couldn’t be any prouder of our Varsity/JV students.  They represented White Oak so well in the All Region Competition in Sulphur Springs on Saturday.  It was a great learning experience and they competed against some powerhouse 4A schools.  In addition they gave up their whole Saturday!  These are awesome kiddos


Soprano: 7th chair Mareya Majia, 13th chair. Alegihna Tuttle

Altos:  7th Chair Lauryn Odoms, 9th chair Kenna Stewart, 11th chair Maleigh-Saige Feldhauser

Tenors: 5th chair Jack Allen, 7th chair Layla Hidalgo, 9th chair Rafael Jaimes=Asencio

Basses:  3rd chair David Watson, 4th chair Matthew Warrens

This week, we will discuss all region and what we can learn from this experience.  We will also begin Christmas Music!

We will continue to sightread.




Middle School

Middle School All Region Tryouts are this Saturday, October 16th * I am attaching the letter that was sent home with all important information!

Oct 11, 2021


Dear Middle School Parents,


What a blessing to teach your talented students.  I just wanted to remind you that All Region tryouts are this Saturday, October 16.  We will be leaving the school at 7 and heading to Sulphur Springs.   Meetings/registration will start at 9 and  the contest will begin close to 10.

If you want to pick your child up and want them to have an early time, please let me know by Tuesday.

The students can wear normal school clothes.  They should be comfortable..  They are not allowed to bring cell phones, but they can bring games into the area.  It is a long wait.  Special thanks to Jennifer Farmer who is serving as our chaperone.  I will be judging so will not be with the students.

There is a concession stand with pizza slices for $2, water for $1, and other various things for about that same price.  They can bring money to purchase these things.  Remind them not to eat too much before their audition.  I encourage them to bring a water bottle with them.  I will also give them money to spend at a fast food restaurant before we come back home!

We will hopefully be back at school by around 6, but I will keep you posted.  We will eat at a fast food restaurant before we head back to White Oak.

Please encourage your child to continue practicing at home.  We will get cuts(the part of each song that they will actually sing on Saturday) on Thursday.  I want this to be a confidence building, learning experience. 

Thank you so much for your support and for sharing the best kids with me!!!


Michelle  Stone

903 7382680 * 

Feel free to text me!