7th and 8th Grade Choir – Lesson Plans – Week of Nov. 12 – 16, 2018

Warm Ups will be chosen from the following list:

Do, Re….Major 2nd…..
Do, Do,Re, Do…..

From : Voice Builders
Sing Ah!!!
Do, Ti, La, So, Fa, Mi, Re, Do
Joy!! P. 9 Voice Builders for better choirs
The Lips, the teeth, the tip of the tongue


Sternum Power

Hug Yourself

Karate Kid



Italian Breath

Back Stretch


Home Alone


Get rid of the nose





Ear Training…123456789

Choral warm up

Do major scale

Do Minor scale


Sight Singing

Tim Winebrennar – Intro to Sight Singing

Rhythm Bee #8 – # 10


Songs selected from Christmas Concert Repertoire


Polar Express Medley

3- Minute Nutcracker

Let There be Peace on Earth

Noel Pastorale

An Elvis Christmas

Silent Night

Mary Did You Know

A Merry Christmas Medley

Hallelujah from Handel’s Messiah


TEKS: 117.210 (3) 3c – Perform independently and expressively with accurate intonation and rhythm, demonstrating fundamental skills and appropriate solo, small ensemble, and large ensemble performance techniques in known keys and rhythms.


TEKS: 117.210 ( 3)  3d – Apply criteria for listening to and evaluating personal performances.

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